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Greece is simply one of the richest living archaeological treasures on earth. Europe's first advanced civilizations, such as the Cycladic and the Minoan, graced the Greek lands and seas well before others on the continent. Even before this there were the ancient settlements of the Pelasgians which have shown remarkable remains of their civilizations. The Mycenaean civilization on the mainland was also a building force to admire, with all these giving way to the feats of Classical Greece and Hellenistic Greece, eras that have allowed us to admire perhaps the greatest of Greek civilization in terms of art, culture, sports, music, drama and much more.

Later on, the Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman domination of various parts of the Greek lands gave rise to even more treasures turning virtually every plot in the country into an archaeological site. has documented hundreds of sites with a brief overview. Not all are as formidable as the well known sites, but each offers insight into the life and history of the area. Read about the sites before you visit them, and let your imagination take you on a trip through time. You'll come out in awe of it all.

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