Archaeology in Ioannina

In the shadows of Mt. Tomaros lie the ruins of the oldest oracle in ancient Greece, with researchers placing its origins as far back as the Bronze Age between 2600 and 1900 BC.
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The fertile land of the Gormos River Valley that has been a blessing to farmers and shepherds throughout the Pogoni region has actually benefited man for over two millennia.
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Between the villages of Vitsa and Monodendri lie the remains of a settlement belonging to the Mollosian tribe.
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Just outside the village of Sistrouni in the southwest area of the region lie the remains of an ancient building which dates back to the fourth century BC. Little remains today, including a few remnants of walls and water tanks.
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Fragments of walls possibly dating back to the 8th century BC have been found outside the village of Skamneli. They are believed to be remnants of a fortification built by the Pelasgian tribe that inhabited these areas during that time.
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On the hill of Kastraki just outside the village of Kleidonias lie ruins of a building dating back to the 3rd century B.C. Today there isn’t much left to see but the view is worth the small hike to the top of the hill.
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