Bird Watching Greece

Birdwatching (also Bird-Watching and Birding) is an eco-friendly activity par excellence: In addition to not harming the environment, the activity contributes to environmental education and awareness, as birds allow us to understand nature, the fragility of its ecosystems and the global changes we face. It also allows us to appreciate nature and connect with it in ways that only bird watchers can understand.

If you're into bird watching, you're going to be pleasantly surprised in Greece. The Hellenic Ornithological Society has actually recorded the presence of over 440 bird species spotted in the country. It has also identified almost 200 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) which are home to "one or more globally or regionally threatened, endemic or congregatory bird species" according to the Society.

The Aegean islands, Attica, Central Greece, Crete, Epirus, the Ionian islands, Macedonia, the Peloponnese, Thessaly, and the Ionian islands are all considered prime bird-watching areas. They are chock full of lagoons, nature parks, gorges, lakes, mountains and gulfs that harbour all these species at many different elevations.

You will revel at the appearance of many types of swans, ducks, grouses, partridges, divers, grebes, pelicans, bitterns, eagles, falcons, crakes, sandpipers, gulls, terns, turtle doves, owls, woodpeckers, wagtails, wheateaters, warblers, tits, starlings, and buntings... the list goes on and on.


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