Bird Watching

Even right in the centre of the city, Athens is a great place for birdwatching, if you know where to go. The Acropolis Hill is known for its owls, while the National Gardens right behind Syntagma Square, Athens' central point, are also a magnet for birds, especially during migrating season. Here you may spot Blackbirds, Eurasian Collared Doves, Great Tits, Magpies, Short-toed Treecreepers, Spotted Flycatchers and more.

The closest and largest birdwatching locale in the city is the mountain of Hymettus or Imittos in Greek. It is about 20 km long and 1026 km high, offering a great location to hike and spot birds.
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Also noteworthy is Lycabettus or Likavitos Hill in Athens almost in the centre of town. In addition to great views of the port of Piraeus and all of Athens, a rocky area on top attracts many rock-loving birds. You might see a Bunting, Chaffinch, Great Tit, Sardinian Warbler and many more.
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This is the highest peak near Athens towering at 1,400 meters. Past the cable car station at the upper elevations in the mornings and evenings is bound to reveal the most birds. You could spot a Coal Tit, Firecrest, Flycatcher, Great Tit, Jay, Magpie, Sardinian Warbler, Western Rock Nuthatch and more.
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While often plagued by forest fires in summer, the elevation of upto 1,100 meters on its eastern slopes may reveal several species of birds. These include Hooded Cirl Buntings, Crows, Jays, Red-backed Shrikes, Sparrow Hawks, Western Rock Nuthatches.
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This area was revamped during the Olympic games, creating rowing lakes. The trees near the beach, including large confiers, a creek and some greenery have attracted birds here.
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