Bird watching in Ioannina

The numerous lakes and rivers throughout the region as well as its proximity to the Ambracian Gulf make Ioannina a great place for avian enthusiasts. The Vikos and Aoos Gorges are protected national parks which are home to several species of birds, some of which are endangered. The mountainous areas of the region are home of several species of raptors.


Ioannina and Lake Pamvotida
Ioannina’s location on the banks of Lake Pamvotida has made even the city a place where bird watchers can catch a glimpse of several species. The areas around the lake and on the small island across are known for types such as the Lesser Kestrel, Scops Owl, Penduline Tit, Little Grebe, Pygmy Cormorant and Whiskered Tern.


Vikos Gorge
The spectacular Vikos Gorge is an area of mesmerising beauty and bird watchers will most likely encounter several raptors throughout. There are several lookout points that allow observers to watch without actually descending into the gorge. The best is that at Oxia, which overlooks the deepest section of the gorge. It lies just 3 kilometres outside the village of Monodendri. However, there’s no denying that bird watchers who make the trip through the gorge will be rewarded with viewing various raptors as well as many endangered species of birds.\


Aoos Gorge
The Aoos Gorge is smaller than Vikos Gorge but it still offers bird watchers some great opportunities for spotting large raptors. Aoos Gorge is navigable by foot, and those who walk through it are much more likely to spot one of the many species of eagles, hawks and vultures that inhabit the area.  

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