Birdwatching in Kos

With three important ecosystems in the Natura system, Kos is an important stop and breeding ground for migratory birds.

Lake Psalidi outside Kos town provides a vital stop for birds such as rare ducks and flamingoes. Some examples of species you’ll be able to find here, especially in the autumn, include the Reddy Shelduck, Slender-billed Curlew, Long-legged Buzzard and Lesser Kestrel. This fresh-water lake is surrounded by pine forests and is also an important breeding ground for endangered ducks. Look out for turtles that also call these wetlands home. The locals are making a concerted effort to focus on eco-tourism and birdwatching as part of their economy, so there are organized observation posts and an educational center by the lake.


Aliki wetlands in Tingaki is another area where birdwatchers will find a number of interesting species. Although less-organized than Lake Psalidi it nevertheless provides an important stop for migratory birds going to Europe and Africa. A number of species can be found here, while local efforts to study the ecosystem and ban road traffic are evidence of Kos’ commitment to sustainable tourism and eco-tourism.


Dikaio Mountain is the final part of the Natura network on the island. Hike up through the pine and cedar forests to catch a glimpse of buzzards and falcons. The views are also a highlight.

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