Bird watching

Northern Evia’s diverse landscape of open meadows, mountain ranges, wetlands and rocky seaside cliffs provide a welcome variety to several types of birds. The two main areas of interest among bird watchers are the Kandili Mountains to the West and the wetlands and lagoons of Istiea in the Northern part of the region.

The low mountains of Kandili are a favoured habitat among migratory birds and also serve as an invaluable breeding ground for large raptors. Cretzschmar’s Bunting (Emberiza caesia) can be seen within the wooded areas here.


Istiea’s wetlands and lagoons of Mikro and Megalo Livari provide safe shelter to the beautiful Mute Swan (Cignus olor) as well as a large number of seabirds which winter here. The large variety of flora and fauna provide ample food for several bird species, though illegal building, hunting, and draining of some wetland area has imposed a threat on the ecosystem and has prompted the area to become a candidate for SAC. 

Organizing bird watching tours throughout all of Greece, Pam Tours offers bird watchers of all experience levels a variety of destinations within Evia to observe a wide range of fowl.
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