Bird watching in Rethymnon

If you’re lucky, you may spot any number of exotic bird-life. Griffon vultures, buzzards, kestrals and eagles, share the sky with occasional sightings of bee-eaters and Sardinian warblers.

Spili is an especially fine place to bird watch, and a trip over to lake Kournas, in the Chania nomos, may be rewarded with sightings of birds such as little egrets, graylag geese, mallards and little grebes. Not far from Spili, in the foothills of mount Kedros, Griffin vultures are occasionally seen, as they are in the Kourtalioiko gorge, which is part of the road leading into Plakias.


Sea birds include great cormorants and yellow-legged herring gulls. Finches are common, and include the goldfinch, greenfinch and chaffinch. Migratory birds include the Sardinian warbler, spotted flycatcher and African stonechat, If you're planning to go to Preveli, take your binoculars, you just might catch a glimpse of all of these, as well as beautiful golden orioles, with their yellow bodies and black wings, and warblers of various kinds.

Here’s a list on the birds of Crete and their photos:

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