Castles/Forts in Aitolo-Akarnania

There are remains of a Byzantine fortress from the 12th century at Megali Hora not far from the village of Angelokastro. Only a tower remains of the castle or fortress, but there is a more recent church in the vicinity. It is difficult to get to and lies high on a hill.
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The Antirio castle, also known as the Castle of Roumeli, was built by the Ottomans on the foundations of a Venetian castle, and is in very good condition. It lies at the base of the Rio-Antirio bridge on the side of Aetoloakarnania.
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Near Mesolongi is the Castle of Kyra Rini, but sadly not much remains of this medieval gem. Named after Lady Irene, daughter of Emperor Alexios Paleologos, it is best reached by hiking on a dirt road. Myth has it that there are two boxes of gold hidden in the castle, with a third box with snakes that guard the treasure.
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There is a splendid Venetian castle gracing the hills of Nafpaktos with all its glory, plus old walls by its harbour. The well-preserved citadel and circular walled harbour, complete with ramparts, are considered among the finest specimens of castle architecture in the country.
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