Messinia Castles and Forts

 Other noteworthy Castles and Forts

·         ruins of the Medieval Castle in Androussa
·         ruins of the Fortress and tTower of Kapetanakides in Verga
·         ruins of the Medieval Castle and the Castle of Zarnata in Kardamyli
·         ruins of the Frankish Castle in Stoupa
·         Nestor's Palace in Chora Trifilias   

          ruins of the Venetian Castle in Petalidi


In the south of the town of Koroni lies the castle of Koroni, which was original a simple structure. It evolved into a Byzantine fort that was consequently invaded by the Franks during the 4th crusade, around 1205.
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The castle of Kalamata is supposed to be on the site where the palace of Ortilochos of Pharai and subsequently of Diocles was, between 1580 and 1120 BC. The current medieval castle was built much later by the Knight and historian Geoffrey of Villehardouin in 1205 AD.
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On the southernmost tip of the western side of the Peloponnese lies the impressive castle of Methoni, with evidence of fortifications dating back to the 7th century BC.
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Nobody is sure when the castle was built, but there are elements of Mycenaean architecture in its walls. Four turrets and restorations took place during Byzantine years, although only one turret remains today. An one time the castle had an acropolis overlooking the sea.
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