Caving in Greece in Epirus (Northwest Greece)

This large and fascinating cave was only discovered about fifty years earlier when 2 local men were asked to investigate what seemed to be air flowing out of a hole in the ground on the outskirts of Pramanta village.
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Just north of the village of Agios Georgios in the north-eastern section of the prefecture, lays this fascinating cave.
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Markos Botsari was the leader of the Souliote uprising throughout Epirus which targeted Turkish armaments in the region.
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One of the most impressive caves in Europe and the second largest in Greece is the Cave of Peramatos located 4 kilometres from the city of Ioannina.
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According to mythology, the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite bathed in a sea cave to the left along the coast from Lychnos Beach. It’s only accessible by boat and inquisitive spelunkers can swim inside once they’ve arrived.
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The cave of Megalakkos lies just outside the village of Kleidi along the banks of the Voidomatis River. Excavations have unearthed human and animal bones dating back as early as 20,000 B.C. The cave is relatively small, with a height not surpassing 2 meters.
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From the Church of Panagia Rodias, follow the path for a few minutes until you reach a fork in the road. Take the route towards the right and you will reach the rocky settlement of Agios Vlassis. From there you will be able to see the entrance to the small cave bearing the same name.
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