Church/Monastery in Arkadia

The Church of Saint Theodra can be found outside the village of Vasta near Megalopoli. It was built between the 10th and 12th centuries. According to tradition the construction of the church is linked with the martyrdom of Theodora who was an 11th century Byzantine citizen born in the area of Ancient Melpiea.
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Prodromou monastery dates probably to the 16th century and is considered the largest with over a dozen monks. Prodromou hangs from the rocks almost unnoticeably. It doubled as a hospital during the Greek War of Independence.
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Agia Eleoussa means the 'begging saint'. This old monastery inside a big cave near the Bezinikou summit overlooking Vlacherna, has only its church left intact and no monks to show for. It still affords stunning views and can be reached from the village.
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On the boundary of Lakonia in an idyllic setting among fir and cypress trees, this monastery from 1720 lies above Kaltezes at 680 meters. It was re-established inconspicuously during Ottoman years after the forest had almost reclaimed it.
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Don't miss the 11th-century church of Ayios Nikolaos in quiet Karitena with its vivid and generally well-preserved frescoes, even despite the Ottomans trying to erase the faces on these frescoes. If it's locked ask the locals to find the caretaker.
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The Byzantine church of the Apostoles, 14th century, with wall-paintings (for many years covered by a coat of whitewash), has been described as one of the finest in Greece.
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A well-preserved 11th century church from the Byzantine era at this convent hosts a miraculous icon of the Saviour.
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The beautiful road from Dyrrachi to reach this historic monastery is an experience in itself. The monastery featured a secret school and harbored hearoes from the Greek revolution (e.g. Zacharias, Papaflessas, Anagnostaras, Nikitaras, Kolokotronis, etc.). Wall paintings by Michalis Pediotis of Crete date to 1714 .
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Right above the village of Kandila in Mantineia on the steep mountainside, this nunnery has suffered damage in the last couple of hundred years. In the rocks behind the church lies a cave that's used as a fridge.
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This 16th century church has fine wall-paintings and pretty woods close by. The remains of a Byzantine fort can be seen on Aimilianos hill which affords a good view of Mount Chelmos (or Aroania) and Mount Erymanthos.
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Founded in 963 AD by Ioannis Lambardopoulos – philosopher at the court of Emperor Nicephorus Phocas – the monastery was meant to Christianize and Hellenize the Slavic settlers in the region. It moved down from the rocks by the Lousios gorge in the 17th century. Note its church of the Dormition, icons and wall paintings.
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Here's an old monastery built in a cave of Kastania mountain, south of Vlacherna. The church is still there but there are no monks today. Access the Monastery from the Tripoli-Patra crossroads just outside Vlacherna.
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The Orthokostas Monastery of the Transfiguration features a marvelous 12th century church with notable Byzantine wall paintings. An Ottoman tower is found nearby.
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This women's monastery dedicated to Koimisi tis Theotokou was built in the side of Mainalo mountain at 1278 meters, in the early 11th century. This is the highest monastery in the Peloponnese. It offers amazing views all the way to Parnonas and Taygetos. Access fromthe village of Perthori near Tripoli.
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Near Valtesiniko there are two churches that are built in a double cave. Their wall paintings date from the 14th and 15th centuries. The churches were eventually destroyed by the Ottoman troops of Ibrahim Pasha.
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