Cycling in Kefallonia

Although parts of the island consist of hills and mountains and will require more effort, there are some ideal spots for cyclists. As always, be aware that roads are narrow, often wind, and have poor visibility around bends, and can be dangerous for cyclists.

Palliki “route”

You won’t find a designated bike route, but if you’re willing to explore on your own you’ll love the area around Krokidata. This mostly rustic area is criss-crossed with quiet country roads that will take you through wetlands, olive groves and patches of soaring cypress trees. Again, please be careful as you cycle and take all necessary precautions.

Livathos “route”
Livathos near Lassi is one area that’s quiet enough for careful cyclists. Without many steep inclines, you’ll be able to explore beautiful villages and quaint olive groves as you cycle through quiet country roads. Make it a point to punctuate your cycling tour with a few dips in isolated coves you’ll discover on your way.


Ainos Mountain for avid mountain-bikers
If you’re an experienced mountain-biker, make it a point to explore this rare forest of unhybridized Kefallonian firs by mountain bike. Follow the routes most hikers take, that traverse the mountain ridge. Although not clearly marked, the route begins in Agrapidies and winds its way into the heart of the forest. You can also follow the “route” that begins in Arginia village. Many experienced mountain-bikers start by the sea and cycle right up the mountain, off-road.

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