Cycling in Lasithi (Crete)

Of all the Cretan nomoi (or districts), Lassithi lends itself to those who prefer two wheels and no motor, best. Stunning scenery will surround the cyclist, and there are routes for all levels of experience, expertise and fitness. The Lassithi plateau can be explored on foot (see Hiking) or pedal, and one can take a bespoke spoked trip around plateau. visiting all the villages which run round its circumference en-route.

These include: Kato Metohi, Aghios Haralambos, Plati, Psihro, Magoulas, Kaminaki, Avrakontes, Agios Georgios, Aghios Konstantinos, Mesa Lasithaki, Marmaketo, Tzermiado, Lagou and Pinakiano. This round trip of just shy of 25 Kms, starts and ends at Pinakiano, and has a total elevation of some 200 metres. Depending upon ones level of expertise, it can take anything from a couple of hours to the best part of a day. Also, the temptation to stop at the villages en-route, may become overwhelming. so factor this into your day's ride.


Active since 1964 and as an independent company since 1977, specializing in incoming tourism to the island of Crete. In 1985 their activities expanded to the whole of Greece, offering services to thousands of individual clients and groups of various interests.
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'Wildlife Nature' runs a one day cycling tour across the bay of Mirabello (38 Kms in four hours) and of the Lassithi Plateau (24 Kms in two and a half hours.They also provide an eight day tour, covering the mountains of the Lassithi and Herakleion nomoi.
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