Cycling in Trikala

Cyclists and mountainbikers will be happy to know that Trikala is ideal for this sport. Mountain landscapes that will leave you breathless, stunning vistas, lush fir forests and bridges of roaring streams are just a few sights you’ll be able to admire.

Cyclists will love Trikala town. The river that runs through the town center, along with the lushly green river banks provide an ideal place for anyone to explore by bike. The locals have made cycling a part of their daily life, and you’ll understand why when you see how picturesque the town and its parks are and how inviting the river and its forest-like banks will prove to be.

The mountains of the region of Trikala are ideal for mountain-biking. Of course, as you explore the lush natural landscape, you’ll be able to map your own course and choose your own locations – you’ll be spoiled for choice – but one of the most popular mountain-biking areas is Pertouliotika Livadia on Koziakas mountain. The thick forest in the area make for a wonderful ride. If you decide to venture off the beaten path, visit the many mountain villages of Koziakas mountain, and explore other mountains in the region as well.

Other Activities for Trikala (Meteora, Pertouli)

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