Eating and Drinking

Sumptuous, original, robust and quite healthy for the most part, Greek cuisine varies from region to region with local specialties and recipes that will leave you begging for more. Historically, the food in the country is naturally quite Mediterranean, as far as recovered recipes from ancient Greece are concerned.

Today it is heavily influenced by the Greek diaspora, many of whom moved to the country from Alexandria, Cairo, Constantinople, Smyrna, Pontus and various parts of the ex-Soviet Union. These Greeks brought with them their family recipes over decades and married them with local ingredients and existing traditions. The result is an astounding array of dishes, from the vegetable-friendly south to the meat-loving north.

Each region grows different fruits and vegetables, each elevation offers different herbs or kinds of honey, and almost every single area or island seems to have its own amazing cheeses, sweets and gastronomic secrets. Add to this locally brewed liqueurs, regional wines, strong ouzo and a pint of smooth Greek beer, and you're on your way to culinary bliss.


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