Eating and Drinking in Athens

Is there a specific cuisine for the Athens area? Of course not, it's the capital of Greece, right in its centre, and has been the melting pot of Greek cuisines from the Pontus area of Anatolia to the depths of Alexandria. Indeed, Greeks from all over the ancient and modern world brought their gastronomic delights to this very old yet young capital after its rebirth in the last century or so.

Ask anyone and they'll tell you nobody is really from Athens, which rings true if you go back 150 years and find that only a few hundred lived in this city. But precisely because of this, Athens is now the hotbed of Greek cuisine, a porridge of ancient recipes and modern interpretations that have even won a couple of Michelin stars here and there. From the fish taverns of Piraeus with heavenly seafood delicacies to the Peinirli places of Drosia offering semi-closed pizzas with cheese, egg and bacon, Athens is the ultimate word on Greek food. Many local restaurants – i.e. tavernas – boast cuisines that are inspired by where their owners originate, be they from Crete, Naxos or Thessaloniki. The best ones are not those found in touristic areas such as Plaka and Monastiraki (although there are some decent ones there), but hidden away in the side streets were only locals go.


There are tavernas, specialty shops and patisseries that are away from the tourist areas, offering unsurpassed local dining. For dessert, think heavenly Greek custard pie (Galaktoboureko), mastic ice cream, nutty baklava or walnut cake with a bit of syrup (Karidopita). We are slowly putting the most authentic and most traditional Greek eateries and food shops on our website, so keep checking under the relevant category for more. You'll be on a culinary tour of the city that will take you to gastronomic bliss.

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