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Thanks to the fact that this is not a mass tourism destination in Greece, Skyros offers very good Greek food and has a few surprises that are unique. Being an island, seafood is strong here, especially the lobster spaghetti. After all, Skyros is known as the "nisi to astakou" or lobster island. Beside spaghetti, there's also another kind of shell-shaped pasta with sauce called Makaronia me to Zoumi. Seafood lovers will adore the Agalipokeftedes, which look like meatballs but are made instead with sea anemones (agalipes). To enjoy a meal made with the day's fresh catch of fish, head out to any taverna on Pefkos, Agios Fokas or Atsitsa beaches. The tavern-owners are often fishermen who know how to cook up a good seafood meal. Linaria, the little port settlement, also offers good seafood, lamb dishes and local casserole dishes.

If you're lucky and someone is getting married, you will get to sample the Pilafi tou Gamou or Wedding Rice - a delicious combination of boiled baby goat's meat and rice. Weddings also feature Tiganita, sumptuous donut-like fritters topped with honey and cinnamon. The island is also famous for its little goats (kids) that drink seawater and are relatively thin, but offer delicious meat. Also try the vine leaves stuffed with meat, called Dolmades or Yaprakia.
Small pies made of dried milk or yogurt called Trahanopites or Teroptaria are actually delicious, and so are the cream cheese and pumpkin pies or Teroptes. Freshly-baked Skyrian olive-oil bread called Ladopita can be served at tavernas, and may be topped with creamy local sour cheese called Skyriani Ksinotiri (usually available until the end of August). The island produces other delicious cheeses, including its own feta, kasseri and mizithra.
There's an interesting vegetarian recipe for Skyros-style aubergines that involves boiling and frying the aubergines then topping them with grated tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, plus a bit of fresh oregano. Also on the vegetarian side is the delicious little yellow split beans called fava (nothing to do with fava beans in the western sense of the word). The fava puree here is delicious, thanks to the sun and soil combination. Aromatic herbs like oregano, mint, fennel, sage and rarer varieties are also found across the Skyrian set of islands, giving dishes a fantastic flavour.
On the sweeter side try the fruit preserves or 'spoon sweets' made with quince (kidoni). Three different quince desserts are available, these being Kofto, Beldes and Pastokidono. Ask around to discover what they are and sample their tart sweetness. You may also come across a good rice pudding, or local pancakes topped with honey. Speaking of honey, Skyros is supposed to have some of the best and most tasty thyme honey in all of Greece, so make sure you buy a jar of local honey before you leave. Last but not least, the ice-cream parlour and pastry shop near the main square does wonderful ice cream made with certified fresh Greek milk, as well as local almond sweets (amygdalota) that are simply delicious. Bon appétit, or as we say in Greek, Kali Orexi.


There's a world of activities waiting for you in Skyros, from hiking, sailing and birdwatching to cooking, pottery-making and woodcarving. Feel in Greece is the ideal partner to help you discover the best of this island!
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Overlooking the Aegean, this lovely restaurant offers homemade dishes, local meats, fresh fish and traditional Skyrian lobster cooked in the oven by Mama Frosso. The friendly environment and the flavors represent great quality at affordable prices.
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Mouries was founded in 1969 sits under mulberry trees next to the farm with the curious local Skyrian horses, offering grilled, fresh fish and lobster. The lemon lamb plate has won first prize for the region of Evia. Lastly, the portions are rich and reasonably priced.
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