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Welcome to the southern side of Crete, definitely calmer and more authentic than the northern coast. This is where several breathtaking villas around two lovely traditional villages of Siva and Kamilari offer great bases to discover the area!
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At the foothills of Crete's impressive Mount Psiloritis, the island's highest mountain, there are three gorgeous stone and wood guesthouses that overlook a dreamy valley. Travelers who stay in one of these should consider themselves lucky!
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Living in a cottage among olive trees in the Cretan countryside is a dream for many city dwellers. This dream comes alive at the Eleonas traditional stone and wood cottages surrounding a delicious 'taverna' with sumptuous Cretan food.
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The essence of the rural Mediterranean is about enjoying the finer things in life amidst rolling green hills, stunning sea views, unparalleled sunsets and amazing nature. One of the best places to enjoy such an idyllic experience is at the Mourtzanakis Residence in the heart of Crete.
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In the heart of Crete, among the olive groves, lies the picturesque village of Lyttos near the site of an ancient city by the same name. In this traditional village there are two lovely stone-built apartments that represent the perfect eco-holiday escape.
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In hidden valleys Crete just beside a protected forest lies an enchanting eco-friendly property called Country Hotel Velani, named after the acorn of the Kermes oak tree. Lying serenely next to the village of Avdou, this property and its surrounding nature will impress you.
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Enjoy your stay in these houses located in the hillside east of Mount Psiloritis at the entrance of Gorge of Saint Irene. Offers activities such as bird watching, hiking, mountain biking, trips to monasteries. Enjoy homemade delicacies with a gorgeous view.(All year round)
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Find these secluded old traditional stone originally built houses right in the heart of Herakleion. Hike in the E4 European path to the mountain refuge of Prinos, explore the region and visit captivating monasteries or vineyards.(All year round)
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Built with local architecture in mind, this little holiday village features onsite attractions and activities such as pottery-making, bread baking, and weaving. There’s even a museum of rural history and popular art onsite, as well as a church and traditional bakery.
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Discover these wonderful traditionally built yet modern and luxurious villas. Embark on activities like hiking on the E4 route or mountain biking. Homemade Cretan delicacies are served al fresco.
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Not far from the traditional village of Sivas you’ll find these gorgeous studios surrounded in greenery. The restaurant serves traditional homemade delicacies such as garlic dip and snail stew. Hike on the E4 path, visit monasteries and swim in the cleanest beaches.
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Discover this gem in Kapetaniana, a place that has kept its traditional character. This wonderful traditionally stone guesthouse was built with respect to the environment. Offers activities like hiking, climbing, bird watching, agrotourism, sailing and fishing.
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Traditional eco-friendly designed guesthouse on a hill and meadow. Embark on activities such as mountain-biking, climbing, hiking, pottery, farm job, domestic and bird watching. Nature is all around the area.
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Enjoy your stay in this eco-friendly traditional villa located on the southeast part of Mount Psiloritis. Serves traditional homemade dishes. Hike on the E4 path, climb the mountain and visit the archaeological site of ancient Rizinia.
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