Health and spa in Aegina

Just outside the northern coastal town of Souvalas lie the thermal springs of Therma. The water here is reputed to cure various dermatological ailments and pain caused from Rheumatism. Also available are the Eastern traditions of Reiki and Tai Chi. Reiki is a form of massage originating from Japan and involves the transfer of energy from one person to another via touch. Tai Chi is a form of Chinese martial art comprised of different movements and positions promoting health and self-defense.

Both techniques are offered by the Aegina Workshop (Ergastiri tis Eginas) along with many other activities promoting health, art, and fun with an ecological background.

Translated as the 'Workshop' of Aegina, this wonderful local organization offers a myriad of activities such as alternative health therapies, cycling, hiking in nature, horseback riding, pottery making, sailing and much more.
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