Ilia is known for its hot springs and natural spas. The best known are the springs of Kilini (or Loutra Kilinis) that gush with water that is an amiable 25 C, reputed to alleviate many ailments. Decent accommodation, camping grounds and facilities are found around the springs, among pine and eucalyptus trees in a spectacularly natural environment. The springs are just 3 km from the Kyllini Castle in an area dotted with forests, beaches and some cultivated land. The natural springs were famous in ancient times as the mud and vapour are said to help arthritis, asthma and skin afflictions.

The lake of Kaiafas near mountain and sea also features therapeutic baths, offering spa therapy and hydrotherapy. Asthma, skin diseases, liver diseases and arthritis are supposedly alleviated by the waters of the springs. The spa area was used for the same purpose in ancient times, with a rich and complex history.

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