The picturesque village district of Katafili on the left bank of the Acheloos River at an altitude of 650 meters. Visitors can find hot mineral springs at the area of Akoni-Kellaria, accessible by a decent dirt road two kilometres from Kellaria.


Amigdali, meaning Almond Tree, is a village within the Mouzaki region. The mineral springs of Bakali can be enjoyed in their natural state and have not officially been developed for therapeutic use. You can also visit the two fountain springs, the Leptokaria and Krania (Dogwood), that date from 1900.

Amarantos is a village within Itamo Township, 25 kilometres from Karditsa and 15 kilometres from Kallithiro. East and at a distance of four kilometres by a decent yet unpaved road, the mineral springs spa at Koutsona in the Gridovas area is in operation. These curative waters are accessible from Apidia and from Dafnospilia.


The area surrounding the village of Apidia is an environment of forests of cedar, oaks and fir. The woods are dotted by innumerable springs. The landscape is one of especial beauty. The Kalentzis River, a tributary to the Pineus, has its source within the district. There are mineral springs a short distance upstream of the old bridge of Kanaviotiko at an altitude of 400 metres.

There are two sulphur-rich hot mineral springs in Soulanda, Aidanochori known to help rheumatism, although the areas have not been formally developed. The spa of the Loutra Soulanda is also called Thermi.


The Smokovo Spa is located in a small verdant valley full of oaks and planes, and has been in use since 1662! The curative spa was first developed on the initiative of two monks from the Monastery of Redina. The Spa belongs to the municipality of Loutropighi and considered a very well organized spa, where the beauty of nature combines with the therapeutic benefits of the water there, proven through research. The water has alkaline sulphur properties, with temperatures that reach 40 degrees Celsius. It is recommended for those suffering from chronic rheumatism, arthritic troubles, problems of the respiratory or the digestive system, skin diseases and gynaecological ailments. The spa is normally open from June 1 to mid October. Visitors can combine various kinds of therapy such as bathing in the
spa waters themselves, mud baths, vapour inhalation, nasal decongestant therapy, and drinking the healthful mineral waters. The natural beauty of the setting is also beneficial to health.


Anavra is a village within the Tamassi region, and is 28 kilometres from Karditsa. The curative waters of the Draniotis-Kaitsas mineral springs and the Spa facilities of Makrirachi (in nearby Fthiotida) are within the village district. This spa has been in existence since the days of Ottoman domination, and has been in continuous operation since 1890.  

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