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Kythera is the island of surprises, and hiking is the best way to discover its secrets. Kythera Hiking is a program that includes eight amazing trails in Kythera. Rich in history and in Nature, these trails offer an insider’s view to the island of Aphrodite. 

M1: Chora - Kapsali

Trail M1 links the picturesque capital of Kythera, Chora, to the twin bay of Kapsali. The trail winds through the mansions of the inner Venetian city, passes by the impressive Castle, and gently moves toward Kapsali, offering unlimited views to the surroundings. It is one of the best trails to start exploring the island. Read more

M11: Kapsali - Livadi

Trail M11 goes from Kapsali to the commercial city of Livadi, which is locate on the most fertile valley of Kythera. Using old stone paths, it climbs over cliffs, and passes through agricultural lands. Through this trail, one can visit the cave of Agia Sofia in Kalamos, with a church by the same name built inside the cave. Read more 

M15: Lourantianika - Kapsali

Leaving the farmer’s village of Lourantianika, with the 15th century St George church, the trail enters a magical cypress forest, ideal for a picnic and some relaxation. As soon as it reaches the top of the hills, it offers panoramic views towards the capital of Kythera, Chora, and the Venetian Castle. The path descends gently toward Kapsali. Read more

M19: Avlemonas – Agios Giorgis

Trail M19 is most probably the oldest trail of Kythera, and one of the oldest trails in Greece. It links the picturesque village of Avlemonas to St George church, on top of the hill. The place where the church is today used to be a Minoan Peak Sanctuary. According to archaeologists, the trail has remained the same from the times when the Sanctuary was in use! Read more

M31: Potamos - Paliochora

Starting from the largest village of Kythera, Potamos, trail M31 first reaches the old village of Trifyllianika. From there, a medieval path once used by the pirates of Barbarossa leads to the haunted citadel of Paliochora. The latter used to be the capital of Kythera during the Middle Ages. After being conquered by the Pirate Barbarossa, it was never been inhabited again. Today, the surrounding landscape with cliffs of 200 meters all around the ruins adds to the dramatic character of that place. Read more

M36: Diakofti – Agia Moni

From Diakofti, the main Port of Kythera, an impressive manmade trail climbs the mountain to link the village to the Monastery of Agia Moni. The views toward Maleas Cap in the Peloponnese, as well as the contrast of the dry mountain and the turquoise waters of Diakofti together with the smells of sage and thyme, will enchant every explorer! Read more

M37: Diakofti – Kolokotronis Monument

Trail M37 is the old road that linked Diakofti, the main port of Kythera, to the rest of the village. As Diakofti was a Phoenician settlement, the trail is most probably very old… It passes by old settlements before reaching the monument of Kolokotronis, a hero of the Greek Revolution. Vegetation around this trail is very rich in heather and the best time to hike it is late autumn. Read more


M41: Mylopotamos Watermills

Trail M41 is supposed to be the most impressive of all trails in Kythera. It explores an unexpected valley of giant plane trees, waterfalls, numerous colorful plants and 23 old watermills. The trail is in reality an open air museum, where one can see how back in time man and nature lived in harmony. The trail starts and ends at the village of Mylopotamos, and it is easily combinable with a visit to the Venetian Castle of Kato Chora. Read more

Paths of Greece

Paths of Greece is a small organization working on the development and promotion of hiking trails all over Greece. It has developed trails in Kythera, Antikythera, Serifos, Sifnos, Drama, Mt. Paggaio, Kefallonia, Monemvasia, Patmos, Mt. Ymittos, and elsewhere. More information here:


Kythera Hiking 

Kythera Hiking is a programme of the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development. It is a high quality hiking trails network with several way-marked routes that let you explore the hidden beauties of Kythera island. More information can be found on the official website of the trails:

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