Horseback riding in Trikala

Riders will relish the beautiful trails that lead past rivers, streams and through meadows and mountain plains. Koziakas Mountain is wonderful for the sport in the spring and summer, and make it a point to stop by the many springs along the mountain. If you want to learn more about Trikala’s horse-breeding traditions, stop by Lazarina village. You’ll immediately be taken by the ranch-town feel – which isn’t surprising seeing as Lazarina village is the center of Trikala’s illustrious horse-breeding past and present. Alexander the Great’s beloved horse hailed from Lazarina, which underlines the area’s importance in horse-breeding.

Lazarina is Greece’s largest breeder, and now they primarily breed racehorses. Stop by the ranch and admire how the high-tech infrastructure of the medical and stable facilities blends in with the stunning natural surroundings. Eco-awareness is also a priority for the Lazarina breeders, who recycle horse manure by using it as a fertilizer and substrate for locally-grown mushrooms.

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