Mountain Climbing Greece

There are at least 300 large and small mountains dotting the Greek landscape, chock full of forests, valleys, traditional villages, fauna and flora that will literally leave you spellbound. The 'backbone' of Greece is the Pindus mountain range, running from the Greek-Albanian border over 160 kilometres, all the way down to the Peloponnese. You can almost imagine it continuing over Crete as well.

The highest summit on the Pindus is Mount Smolikas at 2637 meters, while the tallest in the country is of course Mount Olympus in Macedonia, at 2,917 meters. Still, there are about 40 mountain ranges in Greece that exceed 2,000 meters, just so you get the idea of what a wonderfully mountainous place this is.

Europe's oldest forests and newest dams can be found here, along with national parks, snowy peaks, abandoned villages, forgotten archaeological sites, icy caves under the sun and climbing experiences that will have you coming back for more. To put it mildly, Greece is Europe's mountain-climbing's best kept secret.


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