Mountain climbing in Kythera

Kythera is an island of mountains, and this rugged landscape offers adrenalin junkies a number of reasons to explore Kythera in a more intense way. Mountain climbing has become a favorite sport here, and is becoming increasingly more organized for visitors.


Faskomilies climb
A rugged climb, it affords excellent views at the top.

Kakia Langada climb (from Agia Pelagia village)
This climb takes you to the lake near Kakia Langada canyon and up through challenging treks. It’s for experienced climbers.

Kakoplaka (near Kalamos village)
This is a rough route and climbers must be experienced. It starts in Kalamos village.

Sparagario climb
There are boulders close to the beach and once you get to the top you can walk down through the stunning canyon.

Other Activities for Kythera

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