Museums in Arkadia

Delve into the life of this local politician and prime minister of Greece from 1924 to 1932. Photographs from his family life, military life and political life are on display, as well as personal belongings, including letters in German and large personal library.
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See neolithic and early bronze-age items from Agiorgitika and Asea, as well as sculptures from the temple of Alea Athena at Tegea and the area. Small objects from the temple are also found, plus inscriptions from the archaic to the byzantine era, and reliefs form early Christian/Byzantine times (Episkopi Tegeas).
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Housed in a neoclassical building – formerly a hospital – designed by Ernst Ziller, the museum boasts 7000 finds from Arkadia, including prehistoric, Mycenaean, geometric, archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman artefacts. Clay idols, jars, children's toys, figurines, glass, pottery, votive reliefs...
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The Astros Museum has exhibits of inscriptions from the villa of Herod Atticus (on the site of the Loukou Convent), marble statues of gods from the Classical period, inscriptions, pottery, small items from various periods, etc.
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Traditional brassware and other interesting stuff to gaze at.
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This folk museum focuses on the daily lives of past generations who lived in the area. Old tools and different household items are on display, including clothing, embroidery, photographs and more.
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In the community of Manari (Mantineia), this little museum displays textiles, clothes, tools and other traditional paraphernalia like an old curiosity shop.
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In the renovated old primary school of Partheni there is a folk museum that has tools and items used in the not-too-distant past by the locals, as well as traditional crafts and arts such as embroidery and clothing.
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Right on the village square in an old house lies this folk museum housing traditional and ecclesiastic items, reflecting also the agricultural life of local families in the recent past. Old household items and traditional paraphernalia are on display.
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There is a small folk museum in Melana near Tyros.
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This museum is found in on old stone house built in a traditional style (may be closed in Winter). It is accessible from the village of Chrissovitsi.
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Dimitsana has an open-air hydraulics museum which has revived the water mills of the town and is a true eco-friendly museum. Its shop sells books on hiking and other subjects of interest to the eco traveller. It has even helped the economic prosperity of this traditional region, and should be visited by all means!
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Arkadia is home to the luxurious mansion of Herod Atticus with fine sculptures, amazing statues and intricate mosaics with intricate shapes, found at Eva in Astros.
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Tripoli's war museum unveils the recent troubled history of the country through several exhibitions: revolution of 1821, the Greek-Ottoman war, Macedonian war, Balkan wars, first world war, the defeat in Asia Minor, Greek-Italian war and German occupation, plus general themes such as the Middle East and liberation.
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