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There are over 100 museums around Athens of different sizes, and all offering insight on Greece from millennia ago to its dynamic culture today. Some of these museums are very famous, while others are tucked away on side streets and not known to the public. Let their themes inspire you, go visit, and let these museums stir your soul!

This fascinating museum is a must if you're visiting Athens. Initially, the residents of Athens looked upon the new Acropolis museum under construction with suspicion.
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The museum might be a relatively recent initiative, but it is housed in a building that dates over 2,200 years old.
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Dubbed “the largest archaeological museum in Greece and one of the most important museums in the world devoted to ancient Greek”, this museum is certainly worth a couple of hours of your time.
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The word ‘numismatic’ refers to coins, medals and paper currency, and this museum will impress you in this respect.
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Lying 21 km west of Eleusina in Megara, this museum features marble and terracotta finds from the area dating as far back as the 6th century BC up to Roman times. Note the terracotta bust of Demeter, a female statue and a spout with a lion's head among other interesting artefacts.
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Here's an Athenian artist whose work blends sublimely with the modern architecture of his atelier. Vasiliou has his paintings among his own family pictures and furniture, making a very homey and interesting exhibition. A small gift shop offers posters, cards and prints.
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In a lovely neoclassical building near Agion Asomaton Square, this museum highlights the artistic accomplishments of a religion that affected Greece for four centuries. Amazing geometrical art and floral designs will great you, as well as surgical instruments from the 19th century.
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This is one of the most prominent museums in Greece in a stunning neoclassical building with vast collections, from the prehistoric to the 20th century. Roman, byzantine, Frankish, Ottoman and war of independence are all covered here. The great coffee shop is added bonus.
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Discover the Byzantine and Christian way of live through paintings, icons, frescos and objects collected over hundreds of years. Insight into how ancient, pagan and early Christian periods were linked through symbols and ideas.
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This small archaeological museum boasts finds from the vicinity. Notable finds include the proto-attic amphora from 650 BC, a statue of a running maiden, the Kore from the Ieri Oikia (sacred house) and more.
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An amazing collection of art from the Cyclades islands, from as far back as the 3rd millennium BC. Bronze Age, Minoan, Mycenaean, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic art is represented through artefacts, figures, ceramics and more.
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The art of jewellery at its best over 4000 years. Located at the foot of the Acropolis, it has jewellery inspired by byzantine, Greek, European, American and Asian art, as well as nature and science. The building is historic too and a walk from the Acropolis Metro.
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This museum in a neoclassical building features an exhibition about Jewish neighbourhoods that once dotted Greece and their communities. There used to be a formidable presence of Judaism in the country, particularly in Northern Greece, that was sadly persecuted by occupying forces during WWII.
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Only 5 km from Marathonas, this museum boasts artefacts that are 2,500 years old from around where the battle of Marathon took place. It includes parts of the monument celebrating the Greek win over the Persians, Neolithic and ceramic finds, sculptures of Herod Atticus and much more.
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This little port town not far from Cape Sounion has a Mineralogical Museum, as well as an ancient archaeological site of Thorikos.
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Located in an old silk mill in the Votanikos neighbourhood near Gazi, this museum features the evolution of Cypriot art over nine millennia, from Neolithic times to the middle ages. It unveils unique Cypriot art and culture with insight to this Hellenic civilisation.
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Right on Monastiraki Square in the old Tzistarakis Mosque from Ottoman times, this museum hosts a traditional pottery collection of Professor V. Kyriazopoulos, with ceramics from different parts of Greece. The works of five important ceramicists are also on display.
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Weaving, embroidery and traditional costumes, as well as household items, shadow-theatre puppets (Karagiozis) and stone carvings are all on display here, dating from the 17th to 20th centuries.
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Behind the Tower of the Winds in Plaka in a house from 1828 is a large variety of traditional Greek musical instruments. Interestingly, exhibit headphones transform viewers into listeners. All the bells and whistles are in the basement, literally. Note the music necklaces from Naoussa.
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Rich collections cover neo-Hellenism, Frankish rule and Ottoman domination including recent events such as the Balkan Wars, Asia Minor Campaign and Greek-Italian War. Folklore, furniture and memorabilia from different eras are also present. The neoclassical building itself is noteworthy.
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If you love stamps or are a stamp collector, you must visit this museum. A collection of early stamps in history linked to the 1896 Olympics. The first Greek stamps and stamp printing equipment are also on display. The gift shop has collectors' items and stamps too.
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The train enthusiast will enjoy historic trains, 19th century steam locomotives, the Royal car of Greece's King George I and the Sultan's smoking wagon from days of the Ottoman Empire. Other objects of curiosity abound. (To get there, take bus 24 from Syntagma to the Parktoreia stop).
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Try feeling rather than looking at exhibits in this museum, which include a priest's robe, archaeological replicas, idols, icons and much more, where you trace the works with your fingers. This is an interesting experience whether you're blind or not. This experience gives rare insight into blindness.
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