Museums in Herakleion

Access from Hatzidakis Street, Τ.Κ. 71202, Herakleion (This is a very short walk, north, from where the museum is advertised as being in most guide books and websites).
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Founded in 1953, this Museum includes amongst its wealth of Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman displays, the only painting in Crete of its favourite son, Domenicos Theotokopoulos (or El Greco), called, "View of Mount Sinai and the Monastery".
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Originally the private collection of Georgios Markakis, this is a museum in which the organically-constructed buildings constitute most of the display.
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A museum focusing on the uninterrupted nature of traditional Cretan lifestyle, through the centuries of foreign domination by Venetian and Ottoman overlords (1204-1898.
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Collections of Byzantine and post-Byzantine art, including icons from the 15th century painter Angelos and no fewer than six icons painted by Michael Damaskenos, second only to ‘El Greco’ in fame.
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Can be found next to the Loggia and opposite the Morosini fountain. Housed in the old Basilica of Saint Mark (see landmarks) Cretan artists’ - such as: Christos Sarakatsianos, Maria Fiorakis and George Manousakis - works are displayed here.
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First editions of Nikos Kazantzakis’ works can be found here, along with newspaper reviews of his books, andsome of his personal belongings. Well worth visiting if you’re a fan of Greece’s most famous novelist. Varvaroi (Prefecture of Iraklio)
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Located on Doukos Beaufort and I. Chatzidaki, Herakleion.
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