Museums in Ioannina

Ioannina’s Archaeological Museum is home to a large selection of interesting finds not only throughout Ioannina, but from the entire region of Epirus.
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Highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the Zagori region, the Agapios Tolis Folklore Museum offers its visitors a truly intriguing glimpse into the past.
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Rare plants and herbs of the Vikos Gorge region come to life within the walls of the Botanical Museum of Kostas Lazaridis.
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Set within the Acropolis of Its Kale, this fascinating museum brings the past to life within the walls of Ioannina’s famed castle.
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This interesting collection of traditional artefacts from around the area can be found in the old mosque within the village of Pogoniani.
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Run by the World Wildlife Foundation of Greece, this centre is located in the former school of Mikro Papingo village.
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Several fine examples of traditional textiles, pottery, hand-made furniture and many other “everyday” items are housed in a restored neoclassical mansion in the heart of Ioannina’s centre.
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The sophisticated and precise building techniques of the world-famous craftsman of Epirus are displayed in this fascinating museum.
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This open air museum outside the village of Perdika features three buildings which display different aspects of traditional pastoral life including bread, wine and dairy production.
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Originally founded in 1861, this former school was a leading centre of the art of iconography during the 19th century.
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Since 1933, this collection of cultural artefacts has been housed in the Mosque of Aslan Pasha within the castle walls.
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Over 2000 historical artefacts are on display in this folklore museum housed in the former school house of the small village of Elafotopos.
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The Wax Museum of Pavlos Vrelli is located outside the city of Ioannina along the national road towards Athens.
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More than 250 works of art can be found within this impressive collection. Paintings, sculptures and many other fine pieces done by Greek artists can be found in a traditionally-built home located in the centre of Metsovo.
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This park gives visitors and interesting look at several examples of the area’s wildlife. The park’s exhibits also include information about each of the species displayed and the important role that both the animals and humans play in the area’s delicate ecosystem.
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This small exhibit contains several examples of traditional art and Byzantine icons from throughout the entire region of Epirus.
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Housed within the city hall of Central Zagori in Monodendri, visitors can view several fine examples of Zagorian craftsmanship via the impressive hand-made rugs and fabrics made throughout the area.
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Housed in the old village school, this small museum has several household items, tools, photographs and traditional costumes that originate from the area.
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Traditional costumes, antiques and everyday items tell the story of Metsovo’s past in the beautifully-restored mansion of the Tositsa family. The museum also includes several fascinating objects and information on Metsovo’s famous patron, Mihalis Tositsas.
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Housed in the Mosque of Aslan Pasha, this collection of swords, spears, knives and pistols tells the volatile story of Ioannina’s violent past. The jewellery and coin exhibit balances the region’s cultured side along with its brutal history.
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Housed in the beautifully-restored Pirsinella Mansion, the Ioannina Public Gallery showcases some of the finest works of Greek artists throughout Ioannina and Greece.
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This small museum has several traditional tools and household items as well as works of art originating from the areas of Kastanohoria and Tzoumerka.
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Across from the city’s Cultural centre stands this museum celebrating the role of local fighters during the Greek Revolution as well as WWII. Old photographs, weapons and historical documents are just a few of the many intriguing items on display.
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Everyday items such as tools, clothing and jewellery bring the region’s past back to life in this small museums. Visitors will also be able to view displays on the plant and animal species found throughout the area.
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This small yet fascinating museum is located on the island of Ioannina and housed in a small cell within the Agios Pantaelimonas monastery where the ruler Ali Pasha was beheaded.
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Several photographs, hand-written documents and other rare objects from the famous Vilizas Monastery are on display here. The museum also contains artefacts and interesting information regarding the churches and monasteries in the wider Tzoumerka region.
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Originally founded in 1846 by brothers Manthos and Georgios Rizareios, today this former school serves as a museum and cultural centre within the village of Monodendri.
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Traditional straw huts of the semi-nomadic shepherds known as “Sarakatsani”, as well as several examples of the traditional tools they used are on display in this outdoor exhibit. It’s located in the village of Giftokampos and only operates during the summer months.
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Photographs, documents and objects from World War II are on display at this museum along the Ioannina – Konitsa Road. The exhibits on displays allow visitors to get an idea on the effects that the war had on the people of Ioannina.
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Just south of Metsovo in the village of Anthohori lies this unique museum showcasing the valuable role that watermills played throughout the region of Ioannina. The most interesting of displays is a restored and operational watermill.
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Visitors to this interesting collection of displays will get an idea of the important role that watermills played in the lives of people living throughout the area throughout the past centuries.
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One of the more unique museums throughout the region is this collection of life-size wax statues of prominent figures throughout Greek history. It’s located near the entrance of Ioannina’s castle.
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