Nature - Flora Greece

There are no words to describe the Greek nature, no matter how hard we try. The sheer diversity of it all, or biodiversity as the case may be, is enough to overwhelm anyone. Yes, we are all familiar with the blue-flag beaches and island topography that is so Greece. But move onto the mainland or the hidden bowels of these islands and you'll discover a whole new side to nature in Greece.

There are waterfalls and streams, historic forests and strange plants, protected areas and shallow wetlands, rugged mountains and long gorges, all waiting to be explored sensibly and with the utmost respect, including 5,500 species of flowering plants and even 2,000 different species of fungi.

We want you to discover the best of Greece, but we want you to do it responsibly as well. Please opt for activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, canyoning, swimming, sailing and paragliding rather than four-by-four driving and speed boating around the country's nature. Take the time to enjoy it all and stop to hear its call. You may even want to participate in some of the nature protection activities on offer.


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