Destinations for Photography in Greece

Greece is an absolutely stunning country for outdoor photography. Some say it is the light that bathes it in shadows and effects, others swear it is the mysterious energy of the country itself that finds its way through a camera lens. Pristine nature, emeral seas, colourful skies, picturesque villages and vibrant cities all have a role to play in photography excellence, but it is also the unparalleled biodiversity, dynamic people and excellent gastronomy that can be captured on film.

The best seasons for photography are spring, fall and winter, thanks to the light intesity, changing landscapes and calmer atmosphere. Nonetheless, if you do find yourself in Greece during summer, rest assured that you will still have plenty to photograph. There are photo workshops and tours in different parts of the country, including the Peloponnese and the island of Kythira to name just two areas. There are also small-scale photo exhibitions being held in different locations, and worthy of note in this respect is the Photography Museum of Thessaloniki. Grab your camera and embark on an adventurous photo tour that will leave you and whoever views your photos completely spellbound. Welcome to beautiful Greece!


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