The area around Patras is nature's treasure of limestone crags, ranging from 20 meters to 700 meters. The latter refers to Mount Varasova, which is one of the most exciting rock-climbing destinations in the country. The crags are located in the countryside or by the seaside, with some perched on mountains such as Helmos. There's a lot of diversity in colour, texture and angle, making it ideal for both beginners and highly skilled rock climbers. The prefecture also offers 7th grade and 8th grade climbing (French scale) making it popular with die-hard climbers and extreme sports enthusiasts.
  • Kleisoura (requires strength and stamina, suitable for summer and winter, huge and very steep)
  • Vasiliki (on Mounta Varasova, requires stamina, lies by the sea)
  • Chatzouri (requires strength, suitable for summer, near the temple)
  • Santameri (requires balance, suitable for winter, lovely scenery)
  • Portes (requires stamina, suitable for winter, represents a huge underground cave)
  • Alepochori (stamina, strength and balance are required, with classic overhangs and tuffas)
  • Spartia (needs strength and stamina, it is a small steep cave)
  • Kalogria (requires strength and balance, also suitable for winter, next to a beach, superb setting)
  • Chelmos (requires strength and balance, suitable for summer, a summit of 2,200 meters)


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