Rock Climbing in Athens

Eight climbing fields of all degrees of difficulty reveal themselves on Mount Hymettus near Athens. Specialised maps mark these areas or mountaineering clubs can take you to them. The most known areas are:

Kareas: Located on the western slope of the mountain, this is the oldest in the area. It offers a calcareous rock landscape with several beautiful paths and great views.

Karavi (Plori): Also on the western slope, this ancient quarry is ideal for climbing, with limestone rocks and stunning views.

Stroma: There are ten climbing routes on this new climbing field, which offers a lot of possibilities.

Korakovouni: This is one of the more classic areas for rock climbing with short climbs of 3-8 meters, many of which can be roped from the top.

Sesi: Considered one of the most beautiful climbing areas on the mountain, with three distinct climbing areas – Lelaki, Vrachokipos and Kendriko – offering a variety of climbing levels.

Here’s a fantastic climbing guide that opens up a world of climbing possibilities in and around Athens. Climb on marble, tufa, in green mountains or near the seaside. Beginners welcome too!
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