Skiing/Snowboarding in Ioannina

The ski centre Politses is without a doubt the most comprehensive of its kind throughout the wider Mestovo area.
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Just six kilometres from the village of Metsovo at an altitude of 1850 metres lies this newly-built ski centre with three courses and a ski-lift. Due to its high elevation, it has a longer season than other ski centres and also has more snow.
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Compass adventures represents a well-trained team for discovering the region of Zagori. Explore the Pindos mountain range and climb the famous Mt. Olympus. Organizes trekking, mountain biking and ski tours.
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Also located close to Metsovo is Karkoli, a smaller centre featuring 2 easy courses and a ski lift. It’s also the lowest of the three centres altitude-wise, reaching 1520 metres. It’s conveniently located a mere 1.5 metres from Metsovo.
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