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Whether you’re an avid kayaker or just like getting your feet wet, Acheron Kayak invites you to explore nature from an entirely different angle.
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Based in the village Glyki at the northern border of the prefecture and along the banks of the Acheron River operates Acheron Rafting tours.
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Dolphins, rivers, wetlands, beaches, unparalleled nature, mythological sites and a national park await visitors to Preveza. Discover this part of Greece through Eco Cruising's daily river tours.
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The experienced guides at Fly and Fun Paragliding School offer a three-level course in paragliding which prepares students to eventually be able to fly solo at altitudes of up to 350 meters.
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If you're visiting Preveza and want the ultimate eco-adventure, you're in luck! 'Into the Wild' offers a range activities on a weekly basis, including hiking, cycling, rafting, sea kayaking, wide-water kayaking, Mountain biking, birdwatching and more!
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Located just a short 10 minutes from the city of Preveza lays this large campground along Monolithi Beach. Eucalyptus, Elm, Olive and Pine trees give the campground a truly natural setting.
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The helpful staff at Golden Sun has been providing customers with top quality bicycles and repairs for over 20 years. They can assist you in finding the right bike and point you in the direction of several great routes for all abilities.
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Located in the village of Strongyli, the Rodia Wetlands Information Centre informs visitors about the wide array of birds, animals, fish and plants acrooss the Ambracian Gulf and their role in this unique ecosystem. Visitors also learn about the efforts to protect the gulf and how they can help.
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