Wines & Wine Roads

Winemaking has been going on here for millennia, thanks to the rich soil, generous sun and ideal conditions. But the similarities for the wines stop there, as the soil changes from area to area, the elevations produce different flavours and the techniques take on various facets.

Greece is a wine haven that delights the palate, from its dry whites to its sweet dessert wines. Resin wines and organic wines abound, adding more elements to surprise the connoisseur and passerby alike. There are wine roads that criss-cross across Northern Greece, but also through the Peloponnese. Both areas are proud of their wines, but then again so are islands such as Samos, Crete and Santorini.

Practically every prefecture in the country has at least one winery, and all deserve honourable mention. Browse through each area in our Destinations section and discover the Greek wines alongside the best of the country's foods to take your stay to another level. You'll become giddy with delight! Lastly, while we complete our sections on Northern Greece, you can download these very informative maps and brochures to embark on some fabulous wine tours.

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