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The soil around Nemea is dry, yellow and perfect for cultivating grapes. The area is full of vineyards that produce robust wines. The official wine roads of Korinthia include around 15 different wineries and wine estates with vineyards.

Using the well-known Agiorgitiko variety, the Repanis family matures its wines in oak barrels underground for an exquisite velvety wine. Located at the foot of the Panagia mountain and at the entrance of Nemea (ancient Greek city), the farm has a winery museum and a grand hall to host events.
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With amazing value for money, Domaine Skouras offers small quantities and great vintages to the visitor. This is just a few minutes away from Argos and the winemakers will greet you with hospitality.
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Gaia is said to explore Greek varieties to their limits, thanks to dedicated Greek agriculturalists and oenologists. There are many 'outside-the-box' varieties to try at this winery for a surprising effect.
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Yet another winemaker in one of Greece's most famous wine regions.
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The Harlaftis estate is one of the more respected Greek Wineries. The family has been in the wine business for 60 years. The Athanassiadi brand is a good everyday wine, while the Chateau Harlaftis is for more sophisticated palates.
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The Lafazanis family has had a love affair with wine since 1946. A modern facility that produces organic wines from the Agiorgitiko grape can be found in Nemea. The wines represent very good value for money.
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Beyond the local Agiorgitiko grape variety, the grapes produced here are sublime and the Lafkiotis Winery has many varieties to prove it.
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The fertile soil of the area inspired Panos Lantides to cultivate delicate grape varieties, using local grapes such as Agiorgitiko, Malagouzia, Moschofilero and Assyrtiko, as well as French varieties. Delicious wines!
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Here's an ultramodern winery in the area of Stymphalia lake that produces Agiorgitiko-grape wines such as the premium Strofilia versions or the competitively-priced Oktana.
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Only 800 meters from the ruins of Ancient Nemea, the Palivou Estate is a small and hospitable winery established in the family owned vineyard. Visit the cellar where the 300 French and American oak barrels are located. (All year round)
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Thanasis Papaioannou is a wine pioneer who believes that "wine must maintain its unique characteristics" such as grape variety and procedures, cultivated in harmony to the ecosystem. Organic cultivation and wines!
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A family-run estate with wonderful red and white wines made from local and foreign varieties of grapes, aged in French oak barrels. You'll love exploring the cellars.
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Book your tour at Domaine Helios to enjoy wine tastings and great meals. Good wines come with an 8-room guesthouse. Learn how wine is made and experience the joys of a great vineyard. Try the Domaine Helios and Chateau Semeli. (All year round)
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The Hercules wines supposedly follow a 2,500-year tradition in the area's winemaking. Try the Hercules red with cheeses, or the white with seafood and pastries.
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Agriculturist Elias Zacharias has been working with wine for almost 30 years. The first family vineyards were planted in 1960 on the slopes around the village of Leontio, Nemea. Come discover his wonderful wines on the Nemea-Petriou Road.
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