Wine tours in Pieria and Mount Olympus

This winery’s main goal is to produce wines that are made up of the power of nature and the labours of man.
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The Kourti «Inovion» vineyards are organically grown, and the wine is made following the organic method, and with a Green Control certification.
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Winemakers Pavlos Argyropoulos and Andreas Pandos teamed up to produce a surprisingly sophisticated white wine from Assyrtiko, Chardonnay and Malagouzia grapes, called «Eratines Wishes» and two red wines, one of which is the much lauded «Nude King Syrah».
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Resucitating a winemaking tradition begun by the Terzi family in 1926, the newer generation of winemakers has replanted its vineyards and is today producing a quality organic wine. The winery can be visited by appointment only.
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