Ios Greece

Ios may be truly one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Its long golden beaches, clean sea, secluded coves and intense night life have made the island internationally known as the island of youth. However Ios, which has been connected with the name of the poet Homer, has still a lot to offer to visitors apart from sun, sea and entertainment, with rich Cycladic tradition not known by most tourists.

Ios (also Nios) is an island of 108 square kilometres with a population of 2000. Its name may derive from 'ion' (flower), as the island was a practical flower garden in ancient times. Traditional Cycladic architecture with narrow streets and small squares will delight visitors, where the ancient city of Ios once stood.

Walking up the hill on the east of Hora reveals more of Ios’ many attractions and stunning views, including the old white windmills and the modern Open Theatre Odysseas Elytis – a masterpiece of architecture made of stone and marble named after a famous Greek poet.

The Perivolia region features forests, flora and plenty of water, unusual for the Cyclades. In the works is a Botanical Garden in Mylopotas with a wide array of Mediterranean plants.

Behind the scenes also lie many dairy farms with traditional cheese-making, beekeeping and local fishing activity, where most locals are more than happy to involve visitors in their trade and traditions.


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