Kimolos Greece

Lying discretely between the better-known islands of Sifnos and Milos, Kimolos is ideal for those seeking a calmer experience in an enchanting setting with fascinating historical monuments and geological attractions. The island features a unique variety of rocks, where the white colour of “chalk” dominates (Kimolos comes from Kimolia, which means chalk in Greek). In Venetian times the island was known as Argentiera (Silvery) because of its silver-white reflection against the waves.

The main town of Kimolos boasts many charming old houses and buildings – dating from more prosperous times – that are now being restored. The main town is built around a Venetian Castle of the 17th century. It includes the Palio Horio (old town) and the Neo Horio (new town), with beautiful white houses and traditional windmills. Because Kimolos is less popular and touristy than other islands, the local inhabitants are reputed for their friendliness.

The port of Kimolos is the community of Psathi on the eastern shores of the island, only 1.5 km from Horio (main town). A characteristic of this settlement are the “sirmata” with their colourful cave doors by the coast where the fishermen tie up their boats.

Overall, this island has very varied coasts, some with abrupt sharp rocks and others with windless sandy beaches. It is a generally mountainous island with highest top that of Palaiokastro (397 m). Its ground is barren and its subsoil volcanic. Due to its mountainous nature, the island offers interesting topography with sandy beaches and large areas covered with prickly pear. Also, marine sediment with petrified shells and scallops aged two million years have been found on the island.

The north-western part of Kimolos and the neighboring island of Polyaigos, including the sea that surrounds them, feature strongly in the NATURA 2000 network, with a variety of rare marine species.


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