Naxos Greece

Considered the largest island of the Cyclades spread over 448 square kilometres with a population of 20,000, Naxos is known for its cuisine, charm and hidden surprises. Historical significance, architectural landmarks, castles, towers, mountains and fertile valleys await the visitor.

The market in Hora offers a variety of local delicacies, as well as handicrafts, ceramics, baskets and traditional artwork. Long sandy beaches and many delicious restaurants dot the island, as well as attractive mountain villages that are enchanting in architecture and warmth. Some of the villages and towns to visit include Apiranthos, Chalki, Damarionas, Engares, Filoti and Kinidaros to name a few. Beaches like Agia Anna, Mikri and Vigla will amaze swimmers as well.

The beautiful village of Filoti lies at the foot of Zas, the highest mountain on the island with an elevation of just over 1000 meters. The village is also home to the Panagia church with its stunning view and the Barozzi tower.

Another picturesque village is Apiranthos on the side of mount Fanari, some 880 meters above sea level. The village boasts many small churches, as well as an archaeological museum and two historical towers (Bardani and Zevgoli).

Besides larger villages mentioned above such as Chalik, Damarionas, Koronos and Koronida – which is the highest on the island at around 700 meters, there are hidden villages that only good hiking trips will reveal. These include Potamia, Moni, Tsikalario and Melanes.


The geological museum of Apiranthos sheds light on the geological richness of the island.


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