AnaDigit - topoguide is proud to announce its collaboration with AnaDigit, the Athens-based company which has launched TopoNavigator, the only Greek mapmaking GIS software company. Its maps boast a rich variety of features and functionalities that enable users to map and locate hiking routes, sites of interest and attractions across Greece. Ecotourism-Greece will be integrating these rich technologies into its platform.


Management Body of the Messolonghi Lagoon, Aitoloakarnania

We have worked closely with the team from the Management Body to create the Ecotourism Map for Messolonghi. It also participated in an Ecotourism seminar organized by the Management Body on the island of Etoliko, Aitoloakarnania, during the summer of 2015.



Nature Conservation Consultants (NCC), Athens 

Our close collaboration with NCC in conjunction with the LIFE+ program was pivotal for successfully organizing a one-day seminar on ecotourism in the city of Volos with the aim of promoting ecotourism and birdwatching around Lake Karla. It also led to a new section on our site for the magnificent area of Lake Karla.



Management Body of Lake Karla, Thessaly

The Management Body was an important partner in our drive to introduce ecotourism to the regenerated lake. It supported our efforts to promote Lake Karla online and showcase its biodiversity in a myriad of ways.



 Municipality of Karpathos

The municipality commissioned us to put Karpathos on the map as an ecotourism destination. We conducted a thorough inventory of all the island’s attractions, sites and highlights, developing a new page for Karpathos which now ranks very high on search engines.


Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles (Medasset), Athens 

The work of Medasset is commendable in the field of saving the sea turtles and promoting cleaner seas. became a media partner of Medasset’s clean seas initiative. It is also supporting the drive to involve Greek hotels in this initiative.


 Halkidiki Tourism Board

Close collaboration with the Halkidiki Tourism Board has led us to showcase this beautiful region of Greece in a much more sustainable manner, highlighting all its local traditions, nature, ecotourism potential, historical sites and gastronomy. Read our review on Halkidiki here.



 Hellenic Ecotourism Society

 We are proud founding members of the Hellenic Ecotourism Society and have helped articulate its principles. We are building on synergies between and the Society to jointly further sustainable tourism across the country.




Paths of Greece 

Close cooperation and a common vision exist between us and Paths of Greece, the leaders in signposting trails and reestablishing disused ones across the Greek countryside. We are proud to promote their trails and maps on our site.


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